Improving customer experience is more crucial now than ever before. In Today’s, fast-paced, consumer-driven marketplace, expectations are constantly evolving and growing not just in aged care but across any service and product-based sector. Customers expect a seamless experience, personalised services, rapid digital responsiveness, data security, and privacy.

With many options at their fingertips, Customers and their representatives are more informed and empowered than ever. To stay competitive, organisations must prioritise customer experience. Customer experience strategies such as a voice of the customer program and customer journey mapping are tools that can help elevate your brand and product, ensuring you stay at the forefront.

What is a Voice of the Customer Program?

A Voice of the Customer (VOC) program involves engaging customers for feedback at key moments of their journey. This helps businesses to better understand their needs, expectations, preferences, and perceptions, which can then be leveraged to elevate the customer experience. VOC programs are enabled through technology like social listening and AI to go beyond your once-a-year customer feedback survey.

Moving towards continuous feedback collection, targeted at customer milestones allows organisations to better understand their customers’ evolving needs. VOC programs add value across the business, involving everyone from the customer service team to the CEO. The emphasis is on action, not just listening. Understanding your customer experience is great, but to truly make the impact you need to act. Transforming customer feedback into action to improve your experience is a crucial part of your VOC program.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is a visual representation of the entire experience a customer has with your organisation, from their initial inquiry to post-service feedback. It tracks interactions and touchpoints in the customer journey, highlighting key moments, pain points, and opportunities for improvement. Unlike process or systems maps, which focus on internal workflows, customer journey maps are centered on the customer’s perspective, providing deep insights into their needs, emotions, and experiences.

A common mistake is assuming that you know your customers’ experiences without truly engaging with them. This can lead to complacency, where issues are overlooked or misunderstood. By utilising customer experience tools such as VOC programs and Customer Journey mapping, businesses can gain deep insights into customer needs and preferences, ensuring they deliver exceptional experiences that build loyalty and enhance their brand reputation.

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