Recruitment is no longer about simply posting a job ad on a job board and waiting for potential hires to approach you. The reality is, in today’s competitive market, the Aged Care sector is inundated with job ads, looking for the same skills and experience. Without a unique approach to recruiting, employers will be lost amongst the sea of opportunities.  

So then, what do we need to do to find and attract talent? This is where Employer Branding comes in. 

A positive Employer Brand is critical when we talk about attracting, engaging and retaining talent. Initially, you may think that Employer Branding only refers to an employer’s reputation or ‘image’. However, it goes much further than that, Employer Branding describes what you stand for, and answers the question of whether you are a good choice as an employer. 

Your employer brand can make or break your organisation. Employer Branding is everything and serves two major purposes, first, to attract new talent by enhancing the appeal of belonging. Second, to retain existing employees with job satisfaction by meeting the needs of the workforce.  

When it comes to investing in your employer brand, Harvard Business Review suggests that a positive Employer Brand can reduce turnover rates by up to 28% and halve your costs to hire making it a good business decision.  A good Employer Brand communicates your employee value proposition – telling stories of why you are a great place to work. It starts with understanding your current brand, defining your employee value proposition, and then communicating that value both internally within your organisation and externally to future employees. 

Want to learn more about our top tips for Employer Branding? Stay tuned, we will be posting a blog series in later 2024.

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