The aged care sector in Australia is grappling with a shortage of skilled care workers, so attracting, developing, and retaining the aged care workforce is a key focus for the sector. In addition, the Aged Care Royal Commission talked about the urgent need to uplift and build critical skill sets of the aged care workforce in many areas, including: ​

• Culturally appropriate care.​

• Restrictive Practices. ​

• Dementia​.

• Palliative Care​.

• Mental Health Care​.

• Skin Care​.

• Oral Care​.

In response to recommendations from the Royal Commission, the Australian government is boosting new and existing aged care workforce skills by providing more opportunities for education, scholarships, and online training modules. ​

A wealth of newly developed training resources for aged care organisations exists, however, a central directory to find this training has not been created. Until now! 

Enkindle has curated a comprehensive directory of free and subsidised training opportunities available to all Aged Care Providers. This FREE resource, ‘Aged Care Training Links Resource and Database’, is not exhaustive; however, lists the most reputable or well-known organisations delivering training in conjunction with their details, audiences, timeframes, and direct links to the training modules.

There are many opportunities available, and sometimes, the amount of training can be overwhelming. By bringing them all into one resource, we hope that organisations can take a planned approach to understanding the needs of their workforce and include the relevant aged care workforce training in the organisation’s annual training calendar, individual development plans, and orientation programs. ​

We hope that this resource helps you to become empowered or empower your staff and sets the tone for high-quality care in aged care.

We want your Feedback! Please write to us at and give us feedback if you feel the resource was useful or if you have found other training you think we should add. 

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